Friday, March 14, 2008

Orange Walk

This morning I left San Ignacio for Orange Walk so I can do a river tour to Mayan ruin of Lanamai tomorrow. Jorge and Jenifer had warned me about how Orange walk is dirty and seedy. And only people they saw there are Chinese and Mennonites. It was a holiday when they were there.

When I arrived around noon, there are tons of people, although the bar (next to the tour company), looked a bit seedy indeed even at noon. I spend the rest of the day - as you can see, catching on my blog as well upload my pictures. I also went to buy to some bread and fruits for breakfast. Washed a little laundry, you know the small things of travel independently. So far in Belize I bought only two items: a bottle of very hot sauce (I always buy hot sauce while on vacation if the place is famous for it), and a small bottle of rum. I also managed to get my hand on very hard to find 50c and 10c pieces of the Belize coins, now I have a complete set.

After the Lanamai tomorrow morning, I'll head to Tulum, Mexico on Sunday morning. And more Maya ruins, but will be visit independently since the transportation and road are very good in Mexico. I have book for my accommodation for the Easter week except Tues and Wed, the place did not email me back. It is crazy in Central America during Easter, it can be hard to find a place to stay arriving without reservation.

I'll put in the links for my photos tomorrow. The place I am staying have in room couple TV (it is owned by a Taiwanese family).

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