Saturday, March 29, 2008


The bus arrived in Oaxaca in about 11.5 hours. Luckily during the long ride I was able to get enough sleep in. This time the bus was not as cold and seats a little more reclined. On the bus I met Ana from BC Canada and Brian from England. Ana is taking a break from school and her part time job of car body work. Brian, a assisted living helper, is taking his last backpacking trip before deciding if he is going to move to Cali Columbia.

We tried to find a place cheap near the center of the city, but unfortunately Oaxaca is not as cheap as San Cristobal. We finally find a place where Brian and I each got a single room with shared bathroom for $12, and Ana got a single private bathroom with TV for may be $20. Ana's mom is coming tomorrow to join her backpacking for a month in Guatemala. Brian and I were wondering how Ana who does not speak Spanish, and seems to get into trouble quite a lot (riding is stranger's car etc), smoke pot, is going to handle a more dangerous country like Guatemala. Her divorced mom apparently is copying her daughter's behaviors like smoking pot, etc. This is first time that I heard that the kid is a bad influence on the parent. I guess it is all in the family.

Anyway after a shower, we went out to find a place to eat for lunch, after a looking for a while we settled on a $10 buffet place (which was way over Brian's budget). I was stuffed. We walked around the town center for a little bit before retiring back to our hotel. Then I went to check out the local market to find the local delicacy of fried insects, but I was not able to find it. I saw a wedding photo shoot, a wedding (separate), and a special mass for a little girl, just your everyday life of the city. Although Oaxaca is only about 500 meters (1650 feet) lower than San Cristobal de Las Casas, it felt much hotter. Also it is twice as big and not as charming. San Cristobal de Las Casas has to rank as one of my favorite city or town.

O, I was assaulted by a crazy, while walking in the central plaza. A guy without shirt or shoes, approached me asking for time, so I gave him the time, then he started asking where I am from, but I ignored him and he said Japan. I just keep on walking, then he grabs my shirt and arm and pull me back. I broke free, almost torn my shirt, and stared him down. He did not advance further, if he did I would have punch him out or kick him, he is an old guy, so I can take care him. Anyway, later I pointed out the guy to the tourist police, and she said, yeah he is crazy. It seems in a lot of places that I visited, there is always one or two crazy, either really crazy or drunk. And they tend to signal me out :)

Since I ate so much during lunch, I just had a bottle of apple juice, 3 passion fruits (I think they are now my favorite fruit), and an ice cream from Burger King, which Brian and I went to.

Finally I met Ada (from Copan Spanish school) here. Apparently Brian knew her from some where else as well. I recognized her bright pink sweater even though she was bending down doing something.

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Johnny said...

Finally caught up with your blog. Looks like you are having a good time. I like the photos you are taking. The 70-200 gives really nice color and sharpness.

Well, you will be back soon so we will hear more from you later.