Thursday, March 13, 2008

Belize here I come

After the breakfast and saying goodbye to Stephanie, I was off to Belize. I took the minivan to the border and was surprised that one needs to pay Q10 to exit Guatemala here. There was an American couple Stewart, and Julia also exiting Guatemala, but they did not have quetzales left, luckily their guide was able to help out with Belizean dollar (which is 2 b$ to 1 US$)

Stewart and Julia were on their 1 week Belize and Tikal trip, and were heading to the airport in Belize city for the beach part of their tour. They offered to give me a ride to San Ignacio Cayo, not before we visit the nearby Mayan Ruin of Xunantunich. It is one of more easy accessible site in Belize, therefore lots of cruise ship offer it as a day tour. The site itself was not very impressive, but with sunny sky and white puffy clouds, make it a nice photo op even at mid-day.

I found out a little about the couple, they have two very young kids, that is why only one week of vacation, which left with their nanny. He work as financial adviser and she I forgot, but is stay at home mom at this time I think. He enjoys hikes while she enjoys beach, so the combo tour. They treat me to lunch at San Ignacio.

After saying goodbye to Stewart and Julia, I checked to my guest house J&R, a nice ma and pa run guest house, very clean and with free small breakfast. They both very nice, with lots information and got my laundry done for free.

First business is to get money and buy snack, and medicine for my cough. The guesthouse owner showed me a good pharmacy and I got real antibiotic and cough syrup, and it help me to get very good sleep for a long while.

Now it was for a short sightseeing trip to the nearby Mayan ruin of Cahal Pech (tick city). It is a very small site on top of a hill. There was nobody there so it very relaxing and quiet. While I was there, so I took my medicine there, but I must not have place the pills back, when I got back to my room, I found my pills were missing. I decide to buy it again instead go back to try find it - in a sense I lost may be $8.

Anyway, San Ignacio was refreshing change to Guatemala. Everything is in English, although most people speak Spanish as well. Anyway, I signed up for the Actun Tunich Muknal cave tour for the next day. Strangest thing is that there are lots stores that are owned by Chinese. I was told that Belize is very diverse country with Japanese, Mennonites (invited to come settle here for their superior farming skill), Garifuna, formal African slaves, Mayan, Spanish, mix, etc.

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