Saturday, February 20, 2010


After we got settled in, the receptionist Diego gather all the new comers around in the lobby gave us information on what to do and see in Monteverde. It was sunny, but windy and rainy at the same time, the clouds get blow from the east side of the mountain over the continental divide while the west side is clear.

With bad weather, we decided the best thing to do is doing stuff indoor, so we will visit the Ranario this evening. It is a frog exhibit that show off some of the frog species in Costa Rica. Vanessa and I decided to walk around the small town of Santa Elena a little, we stop by the bakery and grocery store for some items for the Monteverde Reserve park early tomorrow morning. We grabbed lunch at a Pizzeria. As we are walking back to the Pension, we bumped into Luke and Abby and they also decided to meet us for the frog pond tour as we told them night time walk is not good with wind and rain.

At 5:30PM we gathered at the reception area and made our way to the frog pond. It was still windy with blowing mist. We were told there is no flash photos allowed, so I was a little disappointed with prospect of the guide using a flash light to show us the frogs in the glass enclosure. I had my macro lens and tripod, and Luke had his Canon Xti (I think). One saving grace is that we are allow to return to the pond one more time, I plan to come back during the day on Sunday, the light should be better and with frog not moving around much, I might be able to use longer exposure and lower iso as well. Overall the frog pond wasn't what I expected, I expected a really frog pond with natural setting and only glass enclosure for predatory species.

After the frog pond tour, Luke and Abby parted company but agree to meetup again at a near by restaurant/bar/club later in the night for its Salsa music and dance night. Vanessa and I had cup of noodle for dinner as we had a late lunch. Around 9 we headed to the restaurant to meet up with Abby and Luke to enjoy the music and dance. They had a lesson for beginner earlier. Diego was playing in the band there, and we enjoy the music and dance with other fellow people from the Pension until 1130 or so. Vanessa and I need to get up early to catch 615AM bus to the park.

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