Friday, February 12, 2010

Laguna Apoyo

There was one other person in the van ride to Laguna Apoyo, John from Minnesota, on a long open ended travel, 13 months so for. He is returning to the lodge after 3 weeks, he stayed here for 5 days last time.

After arriving at the Laguna Apoyo and Crater's Edge lodge, we were shown to our dorm room. It was a nice big open room. We were told there will be one or two more people tonight at the dorm. There was a group of 23 young Canadians that booked out the whole lodge the night before, thank goodness there is nothing like that today.

The view next the to lake is great with nice breeze, I avoid going to the water as my sunburned and heat rash skin can't take more sunscreen or sun. I waited after the sun to dipped over the crater rim before going to the water. I brought out my gaggle but lost it in the water as it slipped out my pocket.

There was also day trippers that came just for few hours of sun and swim/kayak. I didn't do much the whole day, and dozed off in the hammock for a little bit.

I skipped the lunch to let my stomach a rest, and just have cookies and banana. Since the place is kind of "remote", the food and drink price is expensive.

I decided to have dinner here as there is no other choices. Join us for dinner were Gabriela from Germany and a group of 2 doctors and 3 4-year medical students from Florida who came to relax after 2 weeks of medical mission in the northwestern part of the country. With exception of the older retired female doctor, none of the doctors were chatty, not sure if they think they are better than "us" the backpackers. The three of us and female doctor (Betsy) chatted after dinner for couple hours and had great laugh. We called it a night around 10. I was not tired due to whole day of doing nothing, a nap, and a great night of sleep the previous night. I tossed and turned frequently. The dorm room has a motion sensor that turns on an outdoor light, but I think there is also a sensor indoor, as the light turn on when people move in the dorm, but not 100% sure.

I got up around 6 to check out the sun rise over the rim, it was a ok sunrise.

I was hungry and was glad to see the $4 breakfast looked nice, cakes, fruits, hard boiled egg, cereal and milk (avoided this due to lactose), bread/sour cream. After the breakfast, I had a shower and now just waiting for my ride back to Granada.

After getting back to Granada, I will drop off my dirty cloth for washing, pickup some water from the super market and head to Masaya for its craft market.

BTW, The owner of place is a Canadian women from BC, and she is looking to sell the place, but would not give us a price unless we are serious. So people if you are interested let her know.

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