Friday, February 19, 2010

La Fortuna

The hostal at La Fortunas requires you to wear a wrist band like that of a resort, hence the name, but I find that a bit weird. You also need to pay first before they will check you in. I met few people in the hostal, sisters Christiane and Susanne from Germany, Luke and Abby from Asheville, NC, Vanessa from Montreal.

It rained overnight at La Fortuna, the first rain since the start of my trip. Also the cost in Costa Rica is about twice as expensive as in Nicaragua with lots higher end tourists.

After looking through the day trip options, I decided to go with a hike to Rio Celeste where the water is blue. I also inquired about the night hike to active Volcano Arenal, and the receptionists at the desk said it is 50-50 of seeing the lava, but I didn't believe them as the it was super cloudy and decided to wait and see. The Rio Celeste trip costs $80, so I was not committal either. Then the German sisters asked people if anyone want to share a rental car to Rio Celeste, I jump in and my day for tomorrow was set.

I went to a local eatery (called Soda in Costa Rica) with Vanessa, Luke and Abby. On the way I stopped by an atm to get some cash as I didn't have much left. Here the atm also gives out US$ or local currency Colon. The dinner itself was ok, but we overheard a loud domestic violence next door, with loud yelling and crying. This upset us quite a bit even though we did not understand the yelling.

After the dinner I was ready for bed, a much needed rest after long journey.

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