Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Arriving at Granada around 12, I already notice some the building looked much nicer compared to Leon. I read there is lots effort putting in to restore some of the building to its formal colonial glory.

I decided to stay at Oasis hostal, the sister hostal of Lazybones. It has quiet atmosphere which I prefer over party types. After checking in, I was out to search for lunch and water. It felt hotter here and I finished my water on ride from Leon to Managua, I just wanted something to drink, so I had a 7up with my meal in the market. You have to drink so often here, just forgot how life is like when there in no ac in homes and shops.

After lunch, I went to the town square to get myself familiar with the city and scouting what to photograph when sun is a bit lower in the afternoon. I went to the tourist office to inquire about Volcan Mombacho National Park as I am interested in staying overnight there.

I then to a super market to stock up water and fruits and then head back to hostal to catchup on my blogs before heading out around 4:30 to take some photos

I was luckily enough to climb up to the Bell tower of the main church in the square and take some view of the city. I believe you can`t climb it, but there was some construction and only one worker there at that time, and he didn't seems to care. Besides I am not the only one, some local girls already up to the top. I then walk around the east side of the town and saw some really nice colonial building and churches before ending up at bank of lake Nicaragua. At this point my feet start to irritate because I was walking in the sandals. I decided to hail a cab to get back to town center, it cost me 50c, how cheap! and on top of the that the taxi driver seems to be nice and friendly not like some of the drivers in Leon.

I tried to renter the church bell tower to get a sunset photo, but this time couple of the people in it told me that you can't climb to the top, o well, one can't be that lucky. I then went to reserve my stay at the Volcan Mombacho National Park for tomorrow night and got the necessary info I needed to get there with the chicken bus. Apparently it is cheaper to pay in US $ instead of Cordobas, so I went to the bank to get some US $. It also cost more for an English guide, o well as long as the money is used to preserve the park, I have no problem with that.

I went for another cheap dinner on the street, but I think I am a bit tired of the local dish - gallo pinto: rice & bean mix with a block of thick cheese and with chicken, beef, or sunny sidfe egg, and plantain (crispy or soft). I think I will have a western breakfast at the hostal tomorrow morning. I went to the square again to see if there is any activity there, there was none, so I decided to head back to the hostal to cactup on more blogging and call it an early night to catch up on some needed zzzs.

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