Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Final Thoughts

Now that I have settled back into the rat race, doing taxes, work, commute, stress etc, I have few thoughts about my trip.

I am glad that I took a Spanish class, some people say it didn't help, but in my case - no speaking or hearing experience, and a little knowledge of the grammar, it helped me on the speaking and hearing part. I was able to get by with what I learned.

As with most of the developing countries, the needs of the people often come before any environment damages that might result of the development. Slash and burn are common in Guatemala. And most of the other countries, there are not many pristine areas left.

As for the people of CA, most of them are friendly, some areas are more so than the others, while some are less (Guatemala highlands, where Maya lived)

With ending of any good trip, it is time to ponder where to go next. I am incline to go back to CA next winter and visiting Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama with family. It will be less of backpacking (may be Nicaragua by myself), and more nature sightseeing and culture visit.

Finally I like to thank those of you who read my blog and/or commented. I enjoyed you all's comments. Until next time, be out there!

Favorite list:

  • Towns: San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico and Copan Ruinas, Honduras.
  • Maya ruins: Tikal, Copan, Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Tulum
  • Maya things: ATM cave, San Juan Chamula Village
  • Best treks: El Mirador - 120km jungle trek, Tajumulco climb - highest point in Central America over 14000 feet, 10 waterfalls hike in Juayua, seeing and feeling hot lava on Pacaya
  • Food: passion fruits

Can do without list:

  • Food: Frijoles & tortillas combination, Mexican food
  • People: the crazy and the drunk
  • Insect: mosquitoes in the room
  • Transportation: black smoke spewing chicken buses
  • Towns: Rio Dulce, Antigua (must see, but only once - like that of Disney)

Final Trip Cost Breakdown:





Credit Card




Airplane Ticket
















El Salvador







































$3,795.82 (-$35 for change back to $)

I also update my trip map to reflect the actually places I visited

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Betty said...

Hey Jonathan, you need to do favorite people as well!