Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mexico City Part II

This morning I took it easy from sightseeing, partly because all museums here open at 9 or 10. So I had time to eat the free breakfast from the hostal. It was actually pretty good, the best free breakfast I had on this trip, toasts, scrambled eggs (with ham), and papaya and water melon. Before the breakfast I went to get some money from the ATM (all that shopping yesterday....) and got some bake goods for lunch.

After the breakfast I went to the Museo National de Anthropologia. I walked around the park near by before heading to the museum. I spent almost 4 hours there I think, my feet was tired (standing). It was very impressive museum on the culture of Mexico, from pre-historic ones to present. A lot of English explanation as well.

After a shower back in the hostal, I went to checkout the temporary travel exhibit by Gregory Colbert, Ashes and Snow, in the Plaza. Afterward as I was looking for a dinner place, I saw Brian from Oaxaca. He arrived here today, and reason was that his on and off girlfriend in England just found out she has cancer, and he wanted to be close to a major airport hub, so if he needs to get back, he can do it quickly. Brian and I had dinner at the same joint I had dinner the night before.

A little on what I saw so far of Mexico City, yes parts of it is dangerous (so is DC), and a bit chaotic. But it's population of 20 millions or so seems to have lots energy as well. People scratch out living any way they can. Street performers, guys with speaker strapped to their back, playing western music that they wish to sell on the metro, just colorful display of living and life.

There will be no more photos upload because the hostal's internet machine is super old and it takes forever to process the photos - we allow only 20 mins of internet usage at a time, and the couple of the internet places near by locked down their machines, so no software installation.

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