Sunday, March 16, 2008


This morning I took the express bus from Orange Walk to Chetumal Mexico. The border processes were pretty quick.

The bus dropped me off at the long distance bus station where I got on a bus heading for Cancun but with stop in Tulum. I thought my experience with chicken bus was over, but the Mexican bus was pretty slow due to many stops. It did have AC, and they don't have people standing, and seats are decent.

Price in Mexico is pretty expensive compare to that of other CA countries. The $12 dorm room looked a bit small and ok.

After unpack my stuff, I went to the nearby Tulum ruin. The ruin is right next to the beach and was overflowing with tourists even at 3PM. I guess it was Sunday and beach to swim which all add up to big crowd. Never the less it was a nice change of scenery of ocean, beach and ruin instead of jungle and ruin. This site is the most visited Mayan site in Mexico. It is believed to have been an important port town during the post-classic (AD1200-1521). Named by Spanish , Tulum is Wall in Mayan and its original name is Zama or Dawn, which made perfect sense given its location. Tulum was one of the last Mexico's last ancient cities to be abandoned, about 75 years after Spanish conquest.

On the way back I decided to follow the beach and then cut back inland to back in town, but it turn out there was no cut back until I am way past the town, so I ended up walking 3 time of the distance I think if I had follow the original path.

Anyway tomorrow I am heading to a nearby ruin of Coba (30 min by bus) and after that I will take the rest of the afternoon off :)

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