Monday, March 24, 2008

Bad Weather and Bored in Palenque

My 8.5 hour bus ride from Merida to Palenque was ok. AC was set to 64.5F so it was too cold to sleep, but luckily when I stop at Campeche (2.5 hours later), I was able to retrieve some clothing from backpack and the new driver raise the temp to 70F. The seats was ok for sleep, I think I got may be 4+ hours of sleep.

The weather through the journey got worst as we get closer to Palenque. Although we arrived in cloudy weather, soon it was downpour intermixed with small breaks. After a quick shower and breakfast, I decided to wait out the weather by going to sleep. I woke up couple hours later and it still rainy pretty good. So my plan here wait be depend on the weather. Now that today is washed out by rain I probably will cut the visit to remote Mayan ruins near the Guatemala since it cost more. If more rain for tomorrow, I might have to cut out the Olmec ruin visit as well and leave here one day early.

I heard a lot of good review San Cristobal De Las Casas, and it is over 7000 feet, so better weather than here. Also there is a festival going on there this week.

Anyway I did nothing (sightseeing) today, just waiting around. I'll visit Palenque ruin tomorrow morning if it is not raining too hard. There is a TV in my room, but no cable, just two Mexican channels. I am bored out of my mind :)

BTW, I feel a cough and sore throat coming again :( I still have little of cough syrup left, might need to get more. The old cough never really went away totally. Also I seem to get bad stomach more frequently in Mexico than other CA countries, nothing serious, but it made you wonder. Come to think of, the Canadians I met on the first day of my trip warned me about Mexican food. Praying for decent weather tomorrow!

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