Thursday, February 7, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Copan Ruinas and Hello to Tela

My last day in Copan was spending in the class and went on a class horseback field trip to nearby Chorti village (different one than the one on Sunday). After couple horror stories of people whom went before, I was expecting the worst. But it turned out to be a very good trip, much better than the hot spring. We had decent size and healthy looking horses, and that apparently helped. David had a tiny horse when he went, that his feet also touch the ground! The kids from the Chorti village Pinada were eager to sell us small handmade dolls, I did not buy any because I don´t want to risk it being crashed during my 2 more month of trip. The kids were friendly, and after while were comfortable with us, and happy being in the pictures.

I said goodbye to my teacher and promised to send her a letter when I get back (send in May). My host family cooked a very decent dinner (no tortilla or frijoles for the first time). The main dish was meat! The family of the school assistant director/teacher's was there as well.

After the dinner, Oto called Denis who is working in a nearby town, and I said goodbye to him. Then David and I went to the park central and meet other students/volunteers and had a drink or two or three. Some of us exchanged emails, so photos can be sent.

After a restless night of sleep, I got up this morning and had a quick and early breakfast, and saying goodbye to David, Kevin, Cory, and Oto for the final time and was on my way to the seaside town of Tela.

The journey was smooth relative to David's journey, but did not get on the Tela Express at San Pedro Sula as I hoped and instead I got on another one (Chicken Bus - old US school bus that is converted to be used in local transport in CA, it stops and pickup passenger anywhere along the road) that heading toward La Ceiba and beyond, but the bus stops in Tela. Shortly after we pulled out the bus station, we´re stopped by the police check point and every man on board was ordered to get out and show IDs. Local was quickly body searched - I guess many gang/criminals uses chicken bus.

At the Tela station (just a gas station) I was not able to join a group of 4 backpackers for share a taxi into town center. So I decided not to paid double of the fare and walk my way into the town. My first of hotel was closed, so I went for my 2nd and they only have a double room, so after reading about other remaining choices I decided to go with $19 a night, which is $6-7 more than I wanted, but the room did have cable TV and AC.

So after I went to the bank and exchanged TC $100, I was eager to find food that is not tortilla and frijoles, so I shelled out $15 for a grilled conch lunch at beach side restaurant overlooking the sea and beach. I finished everything - garlic breads, salad, bake potato, and veggies, I was very hungry, and waited a long time for something different!

Anyway, I signed up for a kayaking trip tomorrow to the nearby mangrove forest. And on Saturday I will rent a bike and goto the nearby Botanical garden, and if time permits, a Garifuna village as well. Then I will head inland again toward the Capital and end of Honduras part of the journey.

I'll try to upload the pictures from the horseback ride as well as some of the people I meet in Copan in the next day or two. The Internet is faster here, but they close at 7PM!

O, BTW it has not rained since the first 5 days of my trip.


Alex Tu said...

weather must be warm down there. hope you learned enough spanish to get around. anyway it was just around 70 yesterday, but now cooling here in DC. so that you dont forget the cold weather, the caps actually made ESPN frontpage news: ,or
they may make the playoffs when you get back

Betty said...

Jonathan, I bet you're missing some good chinese food! Happy new year by the way.

Jonathan said...

I did try out a Chinese Restuarant in Tela, but the size if gigantic, and I wasn´t too hungry, so I just pickout he meat, and did not touch rest of it. I don't think I'll try another one on this trip. My first meal back in US will be Chinese, and would not want to see frijoles or tortillas!

yeah, I read news and I can´t believe you all are getting 70 in early Feb! It is over 80 here at the beach :)

It is still too soon to say if cap will make the playoff, they need to continue the level of play.