Sunday, February 17, 2008

Not a bad set of waterfalls

I have been on many water fall hikes, and most of hikes, the journey there is way more interesting than the actual falls. But this time it actually turn out to be both good hike and beautiful waterfalls! It was just me and the guide, so we went as fast as I can keep up through the jungle. We stopped at the guide´s house first, so he can get machete, rope, and food. We had 4 dogs followed us - belong the guide. We follow the dirt path through the coffee plantations. And sometime the path is just through the forest with steep drop off. We waded through the river - I was reluctant to get my shoes all wet, but once it happened, I was all in. It will be days before my shoes get dry! We used the rope to climb up one of the fall. At our last set of falls (11 totals), we stopped for lunch and I washed out the dirt and much from my shoes and body. They build in barriers in the last 4 falls or so, so people can go in for a swim or dive off the fall. Since we started really early and moved fast, we saw no other tourists around. But by the time we finished our lunch, tons of tourists have descended upon the swimming holes. It is definitely a great little hike even though it cost me $22 including tips. I ended up with insect bites and few cuts and bruises, but it was well worth it.

In the afternoon, I checkout the local food fair. Nothing too exciting, but it is still good to wonder around and do some people watching. I did not see any grilled frog, but rabbit meat is available.

This morning I arrived in Tacuba, hopefully I'll do some more hike and/or biking in the El Impossible Park next few days.


Anonymous said...

try to get more of you in the shot
so that I belive your there

Ann said...

Saw your Honduras haircut in David's blog. We still recognize you. :-) The waterfalls are quite breathtaking.


alex said...

good thing your guide doesnt know that some chinese people eat dogs.

j3mom said...

awesome waterfalls! We enjoy following you along your journeys. How was the fried frog?

Betty said...

Awesome pictures!

Jonathan said...

Sure, I will have couple pictures of me in my next batch of upload.

No did not try grilled frog, did not see it at the food fair.

Well, some American will be appalled by them eating rabbits as well.

So who is up a trip to El Salvador so you can see the waterfalls yourself?