Saturday, February 9, 2008

More seafood please

I have been "stockpiling" seafood while I can :) Every main meal I ate in Tela is seafood - hopefully it will last me through a month or so of frijoles and tortillas to come :)

The kayaking trip went pretty good, did not see much of birds, I was not expecting since the trip scheduled to leave town at 8:30. I don't think we got into our kayak until 9:30 or so - too late/hot for animal to hang out for us to see. The lunch at the Garifuna village of El Triunfo de la Cruz was good, we went for a swim in the sea before the lunch - the beach here is much cleaner than at Tela. The beach front restaurant is next to a cemetery - kind of neat, although the mid-day sun is too harsh for good pictures. I got sunburn on my back, I did not put on sunscreen on my shoulder of back.....

In our group we had a couple from Norway (Norwegian, and Italy) and couple of teachers/volunteers from Oregon US (Jordan), and Edmonton Canada (Terry). The volunteers worked in the orphanage outside the La Ceiba - another beach town 1.5hr away. They are on their weekend break. I had dinner with the volunteers that night.

Today, I rent a bike and got to the Lancetilla botanic garden at 7:30AM. The final 4km? to the garden was unpaid road full of rocks and potholes, a difficult ride.

The Garden is mainly just trees - flowers are not in season I think. They are many wild birds lived in the big garden. I saw couple of woodpeckers (too high up for a good photo - even with 400mm+ lens - 200x1.6x1.6) and many hemming birds. I did see a big lizard and a good looking blue bird. I spent about 6 hours in the park.

I hoping my journey to Comayague will be a smooth one since it involve catching a passing bus from La Ceiba to Tegucigalpa on the highway without knowing exact time or if the bus will stop or I can wave it down before it pass.

PS. My disks got infected with a virus for the first time on this trip! Most of the computers here but the one I went early today did not I guess.

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