Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Mayan and Volcanoes

Yesterday I went on a tour around the lake Atitlan to visit 3 of the many Mayan villages. Each of the village has its own flavor, some are more touristy than others. It was a nice relaxing day in the boat and walking around. There were more men in their traditional dress here than in Chichicastenago. I also met a Canadian that I saw in Juayua, El Salvador. He is going to staying around the lake for over a week. We had dinner together, although the dinner was the worst meal I had so far. The competition here for tourist money is fierce, so I guess the meal was too cheap to be good. I ended up getting 3 soft tacos from the same place as previous night to make up for the poor meal.

Today I caught a chicken bus to Xela, a suppose 2.5 hour ride turn into 4-hour ordeal due to constructions and what not. Xela is around 7700 feet and always has a volcano within walking distance. I signed up for an 7 hour hike (13 hours total including driving and hot spring) for tomorrow, and will try to go for a volcano hike on Thursday, but which volcano will depend on how many people want to climb the highest or not. I also looked into bus ride back east and to Rio Dulce. I decided I am going to bypass Antigua on the way back and go for a really long bus ride, which leaves here at 4AM! Hopefully with a 1st class bus and early start, we'll miss most of the construction delays. This will also give more one day ahead of the schedule, and may be two if I can't do the 2 day 1 night volcano climb. I'll likely add those days to Mexico as the Easter week is crazy in Latin America, one needs to reserve room month ahead of time.

As for town of Xela, there is not much as far sights in the city to see, it is good base to explore the surrounding lands. There is also lots Spanish schools and volunteers, and backpackers. No "real" tourists to speak of. Due to the high elevation it is pretty cool here, may be around 65F for the day time and of course pretty chilly at night. I think most of my bug bites are healing well, just in time when I go back into the low land jungles of Yucatan and real start of my visit to the Mayan ruins and cenotes.


peter said...

Wow nice pictures! How do you keep your camera safe?? It must be worth fortune in countries you are visiting.

Now... as far as picture taking goes...how about posting 3 best looking women you see in place you visit for a chance? haha

Jonathan said...

I hide my camera in my backpack most of the time, only take it our when taking pictures or when there are lots people around to safely carry around my shoulder.

There were too many to take!