Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Missed my stop

The good news is that I did catch the bus for Tegucigalpa (luckily I talked to a street vender just minutes before the bus arrived in Tela, I was waiting in the wrong place). And the bad news is that I missed my stop - there was no announcement, the bus just stopped and bunch people got out, and in less than 30 seconds, the bus was moving. I decided not to speak up, and just goto Tegucigalpa instead.

The capital of Honduras, is a sprawling city, choked with smoke spewing cars and buses. My nose was black after walking to catch the minibus for Valle de Angeles.

I have not seen many tourists here, there is no beach or ruins. It is "real" Honduras. I am staying in the central district at Hotel Boston. It is not safe to walk here after dark.

I walked the central area of the capital, there were few interesting churches, but mainly you get a feel what daily Honduran life is like (without the tourists). They are many fast food places, many American chain stores like Burger King, Pizza Hut, Duncan Donuts (and its Hondureno knock off) etc. I ate at the fast food places few times because there aren't many "local" restaurant and it is cheap.

BTW, People of the city isn't as good looking as that of Copan Ruinas by far.

Yesterday I visited the nearby tourist town of Valle de Angeles. A nice little restored mining town full of artist shops.

Today I went to the nearby Parque National La Tigra, the first national park in Honduras and provides 40% of the city's water. It was really nice hike in the cool mountain and away from the terrible exhausts in the city. I hiked about 5 miles with good altitude gain. Trying to get to the park was another adventure...... But on the return, I caught a ride with a group of Honduranos whom worked in a corruption fighting department. One of the guy attended Penn State.

If I have to do it again, I would cut the stay by one day. I am 2 days ahead of schedule at this moment.

Another bus adventure awaits me for early Wednesday morning for travel to El Salvador. And hoping about to get the bus station at 5:15AM (talk to a taxi driver, and hopefully we communicated ok in Spanish, that he or his friend will show up on time to take me to the station). I'll try to get off 2/3 way through the journey to visit a small town. Hopefully I'll be able to get off this time.

PS. I had a hair cut in Copan Ruinas - a Hondureno like cut! Now I am a bit darker, I think I started to blend in :)


Anonymous said...

Buenes Dias, Jonathan!

It's great reading your blog and seeing your photos. The photos are beautiful! I guess it's the next best thing to being there! You are in our prayers. Stay safe, eat well, and stay away from scarlet macaws! BTW, would love to see your Honduras haircut! Ed and I voted today. It was Primary Election Day; therefore, no school.

Take care and looking forward to your next journal entry!

Jonathan said...

haha, if you were to follow David´s blog link on the Extra Credit Column, you'll see my new haircut