Friday, February 1, 2008

Making some progress

Although I am still pretty bad in communicating in general conversation. I think I am making some progress with my Spanish. A lot of stuff I had learned in the community classes back in Fairfax, but the difference is now that it is concentrated. I even dreamed a little in Spanish, reciting verbs! Imagine how much I would have improved if I had 3 month to learn like some of the students here.

Also listening and practice speaking helps a lot. The strangest thing is that now I have little problem recalling some words in English! I may need an English refresh course when I get back home.

I am sort of settling into the life in Copan Ruinas. As they say, long the one stay in one (nice and relaxing place) place, it will be harder to leave when it is time. My class finish next Wednesday, and I plan to leave 6AM Thursday for Tela, the coast (Caribbean side). It will be my probably 1st of the two visits to the coast; the 2nd one probably will be in Mexico.

Don't have much of a plan for this weekend - hey that sounds like my weekend plans in US :). I will go visit with David to a local Mayan village for tortilla and ceramic making on Sunday. And might go to a bar or restaurant to watch some Super Bowl Sunday night. As for Saturday, may be visit my teacher's house, buy another stone carving or two, and study. I had wanted to visit a local coffee farm, but they don´t have another person for Saturday (minimum 2), I guess I saved $59.

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Betty said...

You should watch telenovelas, they'll help your espanol for sure!