Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ruins and Birds, but little meat

It has been a good weekend for sightseeing, although the weather has been bad, rained often and cloudy most of the time. I thought it suppose to be dry season in CA this time of the year, maybe it is "mountain" weather.

I spent all day Saturday in Copan Ruins (8 to 4.30), must have walked 10 or 12 km. The site itself is not very big, but it known for one of the finest stone stelas carving in Mayan world. Also there are not many tourists around, so one can find a quiet spot or two in the park. The ruin also has the longest hieroglyphic carving (stairs) in the Mayan world. It is now covered with a canopy to prevent further deterioration. More photos from Copan can be found Here.

Today I walk to the nearby bird park. This park houses a collection of Honduran and Central American macaws, toucans, and parrots that have been recovered from the captivity. The setting of the park is nice, next to a creek and in the mountain. It rained pretty much the whole time I am there, from drizzle and heavy. Luckily I had rain jackets for myself, my backpack, and camera. BTW, I was attacked by a scarlet macaw, and got small cut near my ankle. More photos from Parque de Aves can be found Here.

Meat must be expensive here, because so far my host family has not cooked a meal with meat. And couple lunches I ate out (ordered meat meal), I shelled out $9 for a lunch meal with beef and chicken kabobs, it has only 5 or 6 small pieces of meat. I guess it still better than in China, you can't even see the meat. Can't wait to try some other food than refried beans, tortillas. Thank you Lynn for the beef jerky! I also supplement my meals with family with bars.

The internet connection is very slow here, so I have to resize my pictures so that I can upload fast - from 2-3 MB to 100-300kB


Lynn Ho said...

Should have taken more beef jerky, maybe you can even sell it for a profit?!

Alex Tu said...

hi jonathan! its alex here...& evert too! for protein supplement i would recommend that after you photo shoot the birds, you can shoot the birds for meat. j/k! that was alex. it's probably better for you not to eat so much meat. you've taken a bunch of nice pictures!

Jonathan said...

haha, I did not thinking about shooting those beautiful birds for food, although I did wonder why are there no chicken meat being sold more often since there are many noisy rosters and chickens around the town.

Jonathan said...

Had chicken for lunch today and with big pieces!