Friday, January 25, 2008

Mucho Espanol

Hace calor y Yo tomo mucho agua!

The first couple days of Spanish classes have been pretty good. The one on one class starts at 8AM and ends at 12PM, with 30min recess in between. My teacher is Nelly de Espinoza and she is doing a good job with me, avoid any English unless I don't understand the meaning of a specific word (after she tried other similar Spanish words). There other students here as well, from Israel, Bermuda, etc

There is no class on weekend, but there is homework after every class, so I'll be studying while visiting the nearby Mayan Ruin of Copan. Reading/Study among the ruin and under a tree, sounds really good.....

Although the room I am stay in is nothing to write home about, but the host family is really nice. The couple has three sons (working or going to trade school). There is another guy David (married with two sons - one is under 18)) from Oxford England who is also staying here, he is teaching English at a local school as well as learning Spanish. He sold his software company and now just tries to figure out what he wants to do next. Oto, David, One of family's son, and I played rummy 500 last night.

Mama Cory, cooked very good soup and pancakes, as well as spaghetti. Only one meal so far that I don't quite like, a pre-package cold and hard toasts, it cut up the roof of my mouth up pretty good. The tortilla bread is very blend, not sure if that is the way it is, but I just add hot sauce. I have not tried other food yet, since the school/home stay includes all meals. But I'll try local food on Saturday when I visit the Copan ruin.

So far I have not done much sightseeing, tours here require min of 2 people. This weekend, I'll visit the famous Mayan ruin Copan as well as a bird park, all within walking distance of the town (2km).

A little more about the town of Copan Ruinas, it is a town of cobbled streets among the hills and growing. I think tourists are started to discover the charm of this little town. Of course eventually it might become a victim of its own success. There are muchos perros (dogs) in the street, and as well as many chickens. At night there will be rosters, dogs, and over amor cats, making noise at all time of the night!

I'll probably post some pictures next week.

BTW, I went to sleep around 7:15PM local time the first day and I did not get up until 6AM. I made up the extra sleep by going for a morning run this morning, about 20 mins, and one of the hill was tough, my legs got weak half way up! So far the rain has mainly happening at night, and daytime rain was short.

Almost time for another afternoon walk around the time.

More photos from town Copan Ruinas

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