Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Long and tired, but smooth first day

Waiting for the 2:45AM flight from Dulles to Guatemala City was difficult. The airport was virtually deserted. I was the only one at the security line! The airplane (airbus 319) may be one sixth full. Even on arrival at 6:20AM, there was no other international plane. I got to the bus station around 7AM and met couple Canadians Melody and Kevin from Toronto on their way to Copan as well; they are on a 2.5 month tour like me, except they are going from Mexico to Argentina!! The bus ride from Guatemala was through winding mountain roads, I lost my appetite as result of motion sickness, they gave us burger king egg and sausage. At the border we stopped for passport inspection and apparent there is exit fee ($2) for Guatemala and entrance fee for Honduras ($3), it wasn’t listed in my guide book, so I went to the border control myself (not trusting our bus attendant). Anyway, shortly after we left the border check point, we arrived in Copan Ruinas. Interesting little town, where you got your parque central and church as well as many souvenir shops. The price seems to be expensive. I got some local money even though US$ is widely used here. My first class will be 8AM tomorrow miring. And I am staying with Mama Cory and Papa Oto for 2 weeks during my Spanish classes. Food will be cooked up by Mama Cory, and I´ll let you know how it is like. Ok, I am tired (it is only 4:30PM), I think I´ll retire early today soon after dinner at 6:30..... O, it is very warm here :)


Betty said...

Hi Jonathan! Glad to hear you made it safely. Remember, some spanish words sound similar and you may wind up insulting someone...

Marisco = Seafood
Maricon = Something bad! :)

MikeB said...

Happy Birthday! To celebrate, I will take your car out for a spin tomorrow.

Jonathan said...

Thanks Mike. I am sure my car loves to have someone driving it while I am gone!

So far I am not near the coast so no seafood yet, I'll be sure to remember it when I head to the coast for few days after my Spanish class.